Our Customer

Our Customer

26% of the Indian population still lives below the National Poverty Line (37% as per the International Poverty Line). Sa-dhan (www.sa-dhan.org) places poverty stricken population at 28.5% in rural areas as compared to 25.7% in urban areas.

We work with women from this population, specifically from the rural areas, to help facilitate their upward movement in the economic status and in the process improve the standard of living of their families.

Very poor Poor Boderline Non-poor


Small kuccha(Thatched) Houses Mostly small houses, Either kuccha or mixed (tin) Medium sized, usualy mixed or puccha (concrete) Mostly large, pucca house


No major assets, basic utensils only Marginal land (<1 acre), few small animals, cot, radio, cycle Small (1-5 acre) land holding, 1-2 milch cattle, small animals, B&W TV, fan, Bicycles, radio, some furniture, old two wheeler Large(>5 acres) land holding, 2> milch cattle, tube well, TV, Phone, fridge, motorcycle, car

Food security

Usually one meal a day – basic cereals only Just able to manage two meals a day- but variable 2 meals a day but sometimes face problem (afew weeks in a year) Regular family diet – (two  meals/day and quality items)

Income sources

Low paid, casual wage labour, single earner Regular wage labour, 1-2 earners Seasonal business; low paid jobs; may sometimes depend on skilled wage labour Assured regulat income e.g. established business of high paying jobs